Podcasting as a Learning Medium: Interpretive listening through digital media

Creator: Erick Joya-Amaya

Description: This project examines the effect of using digital media as a learning medium to hone pronunciation skills, improve comprehensibility, as well as explore the impact of interpretive listening in L2 learners. There tends to be a negative view on pronunciation, being viewed as least useful in basic language skills thus being sacrificed to visit other areas of the language. Pronunciation is a key element to language learning because it helps the learner create real conversations and sound clear and understandable. Using podcasting in contextualized learning is very useful to not only the learner but the teacher by allowing them to contextualize pronunciation and create objectives rather than simply “repeat” exercises. With the media landscape, ever-changing new technologies are arising. Finding ways to incorporate this new medium into language learning will prove to be impactful and will help change the ways we hone our language learning skills.

Este proyecto investiga el efecto del uso de medios digitales como medio de aprendizaje para perfeccionar las habilidades de pronunciación, mejorar la comprensión y explorar el impacto de la escucha interpretativa en los alumnos de nivel L2. Hay opiniones negativa sobre la pronunciación, ya que se considera que es menos útil en las habilidades lingüísticas básicas y, por lo tanto, se sacrifica para visitar otras áreas del idioma. La pronunciación es un elemento clave para el aprendizaje de idiomas porque ayuda al alumno a crear conversaciones reales y que suenen claras y comprensibles. El uso de podcasting en el aprendizaje contextualizado es muy útil no solo para el alumno sino también para el profesor, ya que les permite contextualizar la pronunciación y crear objetivos en lugar de simplemente "repetir" los ejercicios. Con el panorama de los medios, están surgiendo nuevas tecnologías en constante cambio. Encontrar formas de incorporar este nuevo medio en el aprendizaje de idiomas resultará impactante y ayudará a cambiar la forma en que perfeccionamos nuestras habilidades de aprendizaje.

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  • This article is very helpful because it highlights the role podcasting is taking in the education field. The article highlights the benefits and impacts that come with using podcasts as a new learning medium. I incorporated my findings when reviewing the advantages of using podcasts in a classroom setting/ as an extra tool.  

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  • This article is a report on an investigation of podcasting as a tool for honing pronunciation skills as well as using podcasting contextualized intermediate language learning. This experiment was crucial in my research because it highlighted the positive results found in using podcasting to perform tasks as well as seeing the impact of using this new form of learning for a 16-week long period. 


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  • This article is a report on adopting a literacy perspective towards student interactions as well as incorporating digital media (Media texts/Media sound clips) in the second language (L2) listening comprehension. The experiment focuses on a student’s perspective in regards ti how they feel using this new learning medium. This is important to my research because it further accredits using podcasting to engage students in this new learning environment. 

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  • This was a general article about podcasting and why it is becoming a mainstream medium. This is important because it highlights the benefits of podcasts. With many platforms on the decline in the current media landscape, it is refreshing to see how podcasts are dominating but we can also use this platform as a way to enhance our language learning capabilities. 



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